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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Episode 7 : The Carnage Returns

The new episode of The Flaming Skull Podcast is out!! After a long break we are back with more extreme metal for all you podheads. Alot of new stuff added in this episode do give us feedback, Cheers!

(This player takes a little time to load please be patient, it takes around 30 seconds to start)
This episode is also up on youtube: Part1  Part2  Part3  Part4  Part5

Abandoned Agony (Bangalore, India) - Before My Grave
Guillotine (Delhi, India) - Crave
FLH (Montreal, Canada)- D.U.(Depleted Uranium)
Myspace       Website
Blind Image(Chennai, India) - Decipher
Myspace       Website
Zygnema (Mumbai, India) - Scarface


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This episode of The Flaming Skull Podcast is recorded and produced at Studio 72(Ayan De: +91-9833 91 7449) and MotorG Studio(Arun Iyer : +91-9819 84 0894)

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