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Friday, July 31, 2009

Episode 2 : Arrival of the Warmachine

We are proud to present to you the 2nd episode of The Flaming Skull Podcast called Arrival of the Warmachine. This episode has the premiere of Bhayanak Maut's new album and some other insane bands from India and Brazil. Don't forget to post comments.

(This player takes a little time to load please be patient, it takes around 30 seconds to start)

Kryptos (Bangalore, India) - Order of the D.N.A.
Myspace     Website
Atmosfear (Mumbai, India) - Visions of the Beast
Terror Fetus (Teresina, Brazil) - Condenado Á Forca
Undying Inc (New Delhi, India) - Manimal
Myspace     Website
Bhayanak Maut (Mumbai, India) - Ungentle
Myspace     Website

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Tune in for the next episode which will be released on 15th August 2009, do post in comments and vote on the right side of the page.

Any bands interested in being featured then
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Episode 1 : The First Assault

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Mandeep said...

Simply "Rockolicious" & "Metalicious". Guys, you are doing job nothing less than God.My take on Indian Band remian as always

"Think out of the box, it's time for Indian Rock!!\m/

Mandeep Negi

Anonymous said...

Kryptos: 7/10.

Atmosfear: Great song, bad recording. Nice rolling death metal!

Terror Fetus: Wow. Terror Fetus was good! Classic Brazilian vocals. Needs better recording though to sound huger! Good to see they dont sound like Krisiun, as much as I love Krisiun, I dont like copy bands! Nice idea to include bands from other countries.

Undying Inc: Alright... hardcore. Sweet drumming. Confident lead playing!

BM: Honestly? Undying's production sounded better than BM's. This song's production sounds confused. =S

I like BM live. The song didn't capture the crowd feel.

@tfs dudes : Can you also tell us what tracks are playing in the background while the commentary happens? The last track was sick!


Arun said...

@KZ - All backing tracks are produced by me (Arun Iyer) at MotorG Studio. Click on the gif image on the right-hand side of the tfs page for more information regarding MotorG Studio.

The Flaming Skull Podcast said...

the tracks on voice overs are all done by Arun Iyer no songs as such :)

dhruv said...

u guyz r doing a great job. dis will definetly help indian metal .......
keep rockin
....it is indeed headbangers ball

The Flaming Skull Podcast said...

thank you very much dhruv..we are striving to become better..cheers..and tune in for the next episode..
The flaming skull podcast

The Flaming Skull Podcast said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RUST said...

Awesome shit man \m/ TFS team ...Respect to you guys \m/

derHenkel said...

TFS team - Respect \m/