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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Episode 3 : The 62nd Retribution

Happy indepence day to all our Indian podheads. This episode has the premiere of Devoid's and Infernal Wrath's new albums plus some other insane bands from India and Bangladesh. Don't forget to post comments.

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This episode is also up on youtube: Part1  Part2  Part3  Part4

Devoid (Mumbai, India) - Battlecry
Extinct Reflections (Bangalore, India) - Recognise Analyse
Gene-split (Dhaka, Bangladesh) - Suicidal Anthem
Theorized (Bangalore, India) - Venomous Tormentia
Infernal Wrath (Mumbai, India) - Behold Ezekiel
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We at The Flaming Skull Podcast would like to thank Aniruddh Subramanian for helping us to make this episode possible before the deadline!!

Tune in for the next episode which will be released on 29th August 2009, do post in comments in shotbox and vote on the the page.

Any bands interested in being featured then
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War Dog said...

Another milestone! way to go! Please increase the number of songs ...

Devoid + Infernal Wrath = \M/

The Flaming Skull Podcast said...

increasing the number of songs would be bad my frnds would be hard to get more indian bands but we thought of that and are planning to do so....

Itihas Shetty said...

this was the best yet !
really happy with the final Devoid recording..
n as far as featuring bands not-frm-India, why not guys.. it actually sells the purpose..
it will only take the Indian scene everywhr..
n we'll see tht the gig being talked abt happens..! :)

The Flaming Skull Podcast said...

thank you for your support...one act an episode is not a bad thing...no ones promoting bands in the subcontinent.....

Anonymous said...

To our brothers from Bangladesh: I loved your fuckin' song! Metal sees no religion, no state. Welcome to our scene! Looking forward to hear more from you guys.

@Arun: Crazy shit, maan.! Loved the entire episode. \m/


Arun said...

@KZ - Thank you bro. As long as you keep downloading, we'll keep dishing it out :)