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Friday, September 11, 2009

Episode 5 : Warriors of Devastation

This is Episode 5. We bring you some of the best progressive metal from India, a Melodic Death/Thrash band from Hungary Casketgarden, Brutal Death Metal from Delhi an unheard track from the new Inner Sanctum EP. Also an interview with the people who have contributed to the Indian Metal scene Sahil from Demonstealer Records, Shashwat from Grey and Saurian and Salman from Infinite Dreams Artist Management.Don't forget to post comments.
We would like to thank Aditya Aditya Raj Mehta from Chembur, Mumbai, India for helping us out when we were having technical issues.

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This episode is also up on youtube: Part1  Part2  Part3  Part4

Hydrodjent (Delhi, India) - Dots
Narsil (Delhi, India) - Carcinogenia
Casketgarden (Hungary) - Another Mourning Comes
Myspace       Website
Amogh Symphony (Mumbai, India) - Greenhouse Effect
Inner Sanctum (Bangalore, India) - Eye of the False

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This episode of The Flaming Skull Podcast is recorded and produced at Studio 72(Ayan De: +91-9833 91 7449) and MotorG Studio(Arun Iyer : +91-9819 84 0894)


Arshad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Liked CasketGarden. Very kick ass stuff, in your face music.

Narsil, well, never really got into the whole pigsqueal thing, so don't know. Still gets a mention because I love the instrumentals!

Amogh Symphony FTW! Crazy guitar playing from the dude.

Inner Sanctum was beautiful. This shit is from India??! And where did they record? DAMN!

Why are there so many silent moments on this episode? Also Malcolm sounds sad and lonely. ??

Cheers, peace and all that,

GORELORD said...

Amogh Symphony and Hydrodjent are the only interesting bands in the list. Inner Sanctum- cool production vintage music!!

Itihas Shetty said...

finally i was able to hear this episode..
ok.. just in case this helps the problem i was facing was everytime i saved the file it was getting saved as mp3 sound file, but the extension was m4a.. this went unnoticed everytime, so coz of tht the issues.. n i am a B.E. .. :P

neways talking abt the episode, Casket Garden was the highlight followed by the interviews, n ofcourse Amogh Symphony.. not a fan of Inner Sanctum.. liked Hydrodjent..
Malcolm talking abt the international bands in the same breath as the Indian bands was like so satisfying.. Salman talking abt the US tours and stuff gave me goosebumps for obvious reasons.. me too looking forward to Devoid's album n happy to knw tht they r under someone who is manages Kryptos.. congrats guys.. am always up for support.. :)

good job done by Ayan on the recording.. looking forward to the 6th episode..

p.s. : Arun good luck for ue exams.. get back to wat u r meant to do.. fast !!