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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

E-Zine, June 2010 Issue

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aman said...

superb stuff once again. Good to see that the content has increased and and the quality has improved.


nastypajamas said...

amazing stuff!!! i actually wanted to know more about the north-eastern metal universe, so \m/

but the best part has to be the size reduction

Karan vir Arora said...

Good show Ashwin! you really have done your research well inregrds to comics for sure! Kudoos to you!

Ashwin said...

Coming that from you sir, is huge for me. I hope I meet you one day :)

Ritesh Mayekar said...

Hats Off Mr Ashwin Sharma \m/ u have nailed it :) cheerzzzz

Anonymous said...

Good job, Ashwin. =D Very well-done e-zine...

Dayna said...

great work guys! nice to see how hard you'll work to keep the scene alive..!! we really appreciate that

Swarnabh said...

Nice work Ashwin!

Soumya Das said...

great work ashwin.
you have certainly done great research in this regard.
hope you will keep us updated with more and more of comics news. :)

Karan vir Arora said...

Absolutly Ashwin ! and very soon i reckon :)