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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Metalcast Episode 9 : With Metal Wrath

Just tracks from kickass bands from India and a really insane band from Sweden no interview/ voicecast this time just a killer tracklist that will keep you headbanging till the last note. Download/Share/Rip/Steal this episode and do comment on it cheers!

(This player takes a little time to load please be patient, it takes around 30 seconds to start)
This episode is not yet up on youtube:

Undying Inc(Delhi, India) - Breeding Gods
Myspace       Website
Chronic Phobia(Mumbai, India) - Serene Insanity
Desultor (Sweden) - Division Insane
Spiked Crib(Mumbai, India) - Bloody Baby
Alien Gods (Itanagar, India) - Sacrificial Goat


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This episode of The Flaming Skull Podcast is recorded and produced at MotorG Studio(Arun Iyer : +91-9819 84 0894)


Anonymous said...

Awesome Episode... chronic Phobia is going be a big name .. Vox is bleddy killa !

Infected0718 said...

Awesome stuff guys! Totally worth listening! Chronic phobia is one killer band!

Kate said...

Undying Inc is da most brutal band on da face of this earth!
Hail UI \m/

Anonymous said...

i loved undying inc and alien gods...